Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sparkly affair: Part 2 - Dress My Craft's Sparkling dust and Frosted Sugar Powder

Hello Everyone,

Manu here and I have a altered photoframe and a few mixed media tags to share with you all. It's the month end already and I'm sure that you might have found out some unique way to use the Dress My Craft powders. There are 3 different kinds of powders, which you all must be aware of by now.
1. Sparkling dust, this is a very shimmery powder with lots of sparkle and is apt if you want your creations to have that sparkly effect.
2. Frosted sugar powder, these are grainy kind powder which can be mixed with various mediums to give textures
3. Crystal Ice cubes, these cubes are about 1 to 2 mm in size and is very nice for adding bold textures to your creations.

Before I go over to my creations, Here's a big news, Dress My Craft website is now up and working and you can access it right here DMC also introduced their new collection bubblgum and fashion accessories in the #craftyfeast and I'm sure you would love it all!! To know all about the #craftyfeast and newly launched products, check out the Crafter's Corner Facebook page!!! #Craftyfeast was a big big hit and I'm sure there will be awesome new workshops announced soon!

Over to my creations!! Here's what I made with the powders.!
If you know me, you much be aware that I'm not much into mixed media and more of a colourful and flowery person but this is one area which I really want to work on and excel, this is my one very small attempt to work towards this dream of mine!! The best part about MM what I find is, there is no limit, no right or wrong and no end, you just need to figure out where to end!!

Lets get started!

Here are the Mixed media tags!! All pink, they make for an awesome gift to be given out to friends and family!

I have a photo tutorial for the mixed media tags, here's how I made them!
(Pl note that the in-the-making-process of these tags were captured inside and hence the color variation)

1. Take a chipboard and cut 2 pieces of 7.5*4.5 in . Take two pattern papers in lighter tones and adhere them onto the cutout pieces of cardstock.

2. Have them covered with an acrylic paint. I choose a little shimmery pink one. lightly color the pattern paper in your choice of colors, no need to keep the blending consistent, more disproportionate the blending is, more effect it will have.

3. Choose your choice of stencil and do the stenciling as per the area you would want to cover. I choose to do more stenciling on the borders and the sides, since those areas would be the one's which would be visible after the final composition of the tags would be made.

4. Gather your supplies for the flower composition in the tags and keep the flowers as the focal point. Here's all what went into my tags.
The flowers are handmade from the DMC Oriental paper, and sprinkled with sparkling dust to give them a nice shimmery effect. A few chipboard on which I have applied gesso, an clay embellishment, and lots and lots of frosted sugar powder and the crystal ice cubes and a few stamped flowers from one of the Mudra stamps.

5. Arrange your composition as per the choice, I have a little picture to show you how I did it. This was clicked once I was done with my first tag and was doing the second one that I clicked the pic in the middle.

6. Once your arrangement is done and you are done gluing the main elements in the tag, take the pink acrylic color and dab a little beneath the flowers to add depth to the elements. Also apply a little Prima Soft gel at a few places and sprinkle sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes at random places. You can speed up the process of drying using the heat gun. Soft gel is an excellent adhering medium which dries clear, hence the cubes are quite visible once the composition dries up.
Finish off your tags with a sentiment and adding a few droplets of gesso and the pink color onto the tags using the toothbruch technique.

Here are a few shots of these tags!

Here's an altered photoframe with lots of texture created with the sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes.
I kept a beach theme for this photoframe and added a lot of textures and embellishments keeping in mind the theme of the photoframe.

I'm also attaching a picture of the frame when I started working on it.

And also a picture once I was done with the first layer of adding the sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes.

(Pl excuse the messy background as the inside portion of the photoframe was detached to make it easier to work with the frame.

Here are some pics of the photoframe and I have too many of them, so sit back and enjoy!!

I also filled up a little glass bottle with the powders and a little scroll to add a little interest in the frame!!
To add more interest and depth to the frame, I added the Art Alchemy waxes in the brass tones all over my embellishments as well as around the edges of the photoframe! 

I hope you liked the creations and are tempted enough to work with these gorgeous powders! Do try these powders and come up with an interesting creation!!

Products used:

Sparkling dust
Frosted sugar powder
Crystal Ice Cube

Happy Crafting!!

Use of DMC powders in scrapbook

Hi guys, hope you are doing great.
Since we are focusing only on DMC powders this month, I thought of making one post on mixed media and another on album. We have already done with the mixed media project in the first week of this month and today I have come up with some ideas on how can we use these three items in our scrapbooks.
Well, I have attached some pictures of the album which shows how I have used sparkling dust, frosted powder and crystal ice cubes.
Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Hello My Dear Crafty Friends,
Hope you all are good and enjoying doing crafting.
Still I’m unable to imagine that Crafty Feast is over and still thinking about it.
I am going to run out of words to explain phenomenal experience at Crafty Feast organized by Crafters Corner, Shalini Mittal Di.
Crafty Feast was just a sublime event. Thanks Shalini Di making this happen in India and making this a super grand success to cherish in all coming years ……
I am really honored to be a part of this awesome event. I believe we will get many more events in future.
Now a big announcement again, drum roll begins ………………….
Many, many, many new and awesome products are online now. Go and grab them fast, as you can’t resist buying them.

So finally lets come back to our month products- FROSTED SUGAR POWDER, DIAMOND DUST AND CRYSTAL ICE CUBES.  

Super versatile products. I have made a mix media canvas this time.

Yes I filled my straws with Ice cubes and Frosted sugar powder.

 I colored both the products with Alcohol inks, and filled my straws with the same.

Perfect for adding texture for base in a little different way.

For photo frame I covered chipboard with white UTEE and sprinkled frosted sugar powder over it. For photo, I covered it with Mod Podge- Dimensional Magic, clear and sprinkle diamond dust. Look at the sheen.
Loved the outcome. 

It’s time for miniature again. Yes fridge magnet again.
I filled glass bottle with Crystal ice cubes.
 And with Frosted sugar powder I had made the top balls and again colored with different alcohol inks.

With a small cute bow and magnet at back, it’s ready to enhance the beauty of your fridge.

Sharing a picture of miniature glasses of which I gave demo at Crafty Feast.

See you all very soon with more creative ideas till then have a great time.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Mixed media photo frame

Hi Friends

Shubhra here today with some more inspiration for you to try the DMC frosted sugar powder, crystal ice cubes and Sparkling dust. With so much awespiration on the blog I'm sure you all had a lovely weekend, and if you haven't already tried these, its never too late you know !

About the products - Crystal ice cubes are small cube like beads that literally give the effect of ice. You can use them as is which is white or mix inks to give them a color. They can be used to create miniatures, mixed media art, embellishments etc. Frosted sugar powder is a coarse powder with grain like texture , they look like snow flakes when used on a flower. Sparkling dust is a super soft silken finish glittery powder that instantly adds shimmer and glow to projects.
Having said that I move on to my project for today which is a 3-in-1 photo frame, I have used the products mentioned in the simplest way to attain beautiful textures.

 I have used black chalk paint on an originally white photo frame. With some fussy cut images and flowers I covered the first and last frame along with die cuts. There are some dusty attic chippies too , I find them delicate and beautiful to work with, Using chipboard embellishments from Prima I added some more dimension to my project. The brick wall texture was created with modelling paste mixed with red paint and brick stencil and crystal ice cubes on top. The fussy cut flowers on first frame are shimmered with sparkling dust look absolutely amazing, flowers are topped with frosted sugar powder. I have used ice crystals on the third frame near the sentiment chipboard embellishment and the phrase believe has some frosted sugar powder coated. The flowers have been sprinkled with sparkling dust.

Check out few more pictures below for some detailing

Look at the textured brick effect created with modelling paste and crystal ice cubes. The ornate chipboard is from Dusty attic, and metal embellishment from Prima.

Flowers covered in sparkling dust and frosted sugar powder.

Fussy cut flowers with sparkling dust and some ice crystals beneath, I have used dusty attic chippies along  with these.

Frosted sugar powder coating on 'Believe' and ice crystals along the sentiment. I have used fabric flower and small bead balls on the fabric flower.

That's about it ! I hope you liked it, these products can easily be used to add textures and an instant oomph factor to your projects. Do give these a try and  if you have any queries then please leave in your comments below.

List of products

Sparkling dust
Crystal Ice cubes
Frosted sugar powder

Have a nice day !


Saturday, 24 June 2017

MDF key holder - Video Tutorial

Hello wonderful people,
this is Bipasha with you today demonstrating a very easy art recipe using the sparkling dust powder from Dress My Craft. Have you been enjoying the fabulous tips and tutorials posted by my talented co-DT members. I am sure you are brimming with ideas of various techniques to employ these magical powders(Frosted powder, Sparkling dust, Crystal ice cubes)in your creations.

Today, I have another art recipe for you using the beautiful sparkling dust from DMC, and guess what? I've a video tutorial for you all to enjoy too, which will be shared shortly! I have altered an MDF feather into a key holder. I decided to keep my base layout of the project very simple and matte because I wanted to highlight the shimmer and beauty of the sparkling dust in the design.

They are the perfect touch of subtle shimmer that can transform any project into a glam doll within fraction of a second, be it on flowers, abstract textures, fancy arts, decors. They can be mixed with permanent colours in different shades to suit our crafting need. The best part of this particular powder is that apart from the shimmer it has a grain like texture of its own and being a mixed mdia artist thats its most attractive feature for me.

In the video tute, I have demonstrated two art recipes, I hope this tutorial will help you in adding some more creative techniques to your craft bin! The products used in the  tutorial are mentioned in the description box of the video.

Products used:

I hope you will enjoy it - as much as I did creating it and maybe you will try some of the ideas shown in your own projects? I hope I was able to convince you that you can create absolutely anything using these texture ingredients - as long as you are able to stick it and paint it the sky is the limit!
Happy crafting!