Saturday, 17 March 2018

Altered Diary With Fabric Transfer

Hello everyone !!!!!

This is Anita Here with a brand new project.

I hope the DMC team is keeping you very busy this month with so many creative ideas and amazing projects.

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The Famous Fabric Transfers are in vogue right now and why shouldn't they be!!!!! One can get such beautiful things in few minutes and they all look so lovely.
You have seen them on tote bags, pouches, cushions etc. But believe me!!! You can do so much more with these.

Today I have altered an old diary that had been with me since two years . When I saw the fabric transfers, it struck me that I should use these together to change its look. It was just an experiment, but the result is so amazing, I wanted to share it with everyone.

So here is my diary with a new look and below you will find step by step pictures to create this .


Gather all the materials together. Diary to be altered, 1/2 meter cotton black fabric, Fabric transfer, scrap papers

Iron the fabric to remove all wrinkles and creases. and cut to the size of the opened diary leaving 2 inches all around.

Apply black gesso on the front, back and both sides in the inside front cover and back cover as shown.

 Place the diary on the fabric and mark the edges so that you will know where to place the design.

 Remove the design from the package and cut out the pieces that are needed to design the front cover.

                  Place them facing down in the way ou want them to be seen on the front cover

Switch on the iron on medium setting and once hot iron on the fabric transfer pieces making sure you cover all the areas and corners. Do it for 4-5 minutes .

Repeat the process for designing the back cover

Once the ironing is done, let it cool down .

starting from one corner, remove the backing paper carefully to reveal the full design. If some design does not stick , then put back the paper and iron once more.

 This is how the front cover will look after the backing paper is removed.

 The back cover

Apply Mod podge with a brush on the front cover and place your fabric with design and cover it well.

                                                          Do it on the back side as well.

Cut two paper to the size of page inside the front and back cover and distress with any brown distress ink. I have used Frayed Burlap here.
                         Adhere the papers on the inside of the front and back using mod podge.

The complete diary with tassel and few charm hangings.

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