Sunday, 28 May 2017



Welcome to Dress My Craft blog. This is Anita here and I have an all dazzled up post today because we are showcasing SEQUINS this month !!!!
And what a start this has been !!!!

Sequins will win your hearts this time when I will take you on a dazzled up journey of beautiful sequins !!!All Mixed , two toned , Varied and amazing !!!!!

Dress My craft Sequins hold a special place in the market today because of ......
1. Excellent Quality
2. Amazing packaging
3. A wide range of colours
4. Pre mixed in various colours, shapes and sizes
5. Versatile and reasonably priced

......and I will show you some projects that look Wow !!!! when adorned with DMC sequins.
Do you know how many varieties of sequins do we stock at DMC? Check them out here

Yes!!!! 20 amazing designs and colours that will make any project look EXTRAORDINAIRE !!!!!

So here they are !!!!

My first project is a mixed media card .....And this looks wow with White Sunshine Sequins
Blossom with Green Sequins, and Sea Breeze Sequins

Look how bejewelled this card is looking because of the sequins from DMC.
To make this card, I applied gesso on a 7x7 inch chip board and added a few scraps of tissue paper with multi medium gel.
Then, I added some texture using stencils and let it dry. I coloured a chipboard cut out from Wycinanka and coloured it with acrylic shades in blue, teal and sea green.
Spray the card panel with shimmer spray paints green, teal and blue. Let it dry.
Adhere the chip board cut out on the board and start adding the sequins with multi medium matt gel.
Add mulberry flowers .
Apply some Sparkling dust and Frosted sugar powder to add more sparkle to the project.
Add the sentiment.

The second project is a fun project which kids would love to make. These are sequin flowers that can be used accessories, clutch bag, layouts or any home decor project!!!
Can you guess what I have made?
These are napkin rings made from tissue paper roll.

I cut two 2 inch pieces from the finished roll and cover with a white satin ribbon. Add the sequin flowers and leaves.
Now to make the flowers, take any flower cut out and apply a thick layer of glossy accent. Add the Angel mix sequins and press well. Once this dries, add twine all around to finish this.

Look at the different tones that sparkly flower has !!!!! These can jazz up any table setting !!!

And finally I have the ever popular shaker card that I have made these gorgeous vintage hue sequins .

Look at that copper hue with shining elements !!!! Can you see those black hearts !!! Thats how versatile DMC pre mix sequins can be !!!

This card has all the elements for a golden anniversary or birthday and the sequins go perfectly well to make these cards.

To recap, let me show you some cards that I made earlier. 
This is just a rewind to connect with the DMC sequins.

So that's all for today !!!!! Could I make you stand up and get going for the DMC sequins!!!!
You will adore them and soon they will be a favourite in your stash !!!
So check the store for all the jewels you need in the form of sequins


  1. Omg it's amazing all r outstanding

  2. Lovely mixed media card!! And those flowers are super!!

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