Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sparkling textures with Dress My Craft powders

Hi girls, hope you are doing good.
I am back again with a detailed post on Dress my craft products. Since we are focusing on crystal cubes, frosted powder and sparkling dust this month I thought of making one project using all three powders. You can see different textures you get with these powders.
1. Paint a pen holder with any home decor background color.
2. Take two different bowls with good quantity of transparent soft gloss gel in it.
3. Mix Ice crystal cubes in first bowl and frosted power in second bowl.
4. Take a spatula and add ice cubes randomly on a few areas. The area that is empty should be filled with a layer of frosted power.
5. Make sure you sprinkle some sparkling dust on the layer of crystal cubes and frosted powder as you work. (Note: Sparkling dust should be sprinkled in a good quantity when soft gloss gel is wet)
6. Let it dry
7. Beautifully embellish your pen holder and it is ready to use.

Materials used:
DMC crystal cubes
DMC frosted powder
DMC sparkling dust
Soft gloss gel
Resin frame
Other embellihments

In this picture you can see the crystal cubes effect on the left side. 

Frosted power effect on the right side.

This pen holder has crystal and frosted effect on all four sides of the pen holder.

In this picture you can see the texture it gives once dried. You can definitely use any background color to paint the surface to change the color of your pen holder.

Hope you like it!
Thank you

Meher Shaikh


  1. Beuatiful! I like it very much.

  2. This is such a stunner, with the mini effect xx

  3. What a lovely pen stand!!! very pretty!

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