Saturday, 10 June 2017

Mixed media canvas using Sparkling dust

Hello friends,

The sparkle and shine continues this month also at DMC blog,our team is showcasing sparkling dust,ice cubes and frosted powder this month.So here i am with my mixed media take on these lovely products,to be frank i dont like too much of glitters or shine on my projects,even if i add i keep it minimum and my choice is always the one which gives subtle shine and shimmer.DMC powders are just that type and i just love them

For the center frame i have used sparkling dust .I just gave a thin coat of glossy accent and sprinkled some of them,oh the shine they give is really awesome especially when you expose it to light.Sparkling dust is very fine powder and can be used to jazz up stamped/printed images,die cuts and to create glittery backgrounds.

I have also used some sequins as toppers(actually i coulndt stop using them these days,hehe),i randomly applied gel medium all over the canvas and sprinkled sequins and frosted sugar powder.
Frosted sugar powders are quiet grainy and add amazing texture and shine.Can you see the snow like texture on the white areas of the canvas?those are frosted powders and i applied a bit of white gesso over them to minimize the shine and to look more textured.

Producuts used:

Sparkling dust
Frosted sugar powder
Play with green sequins


  1. You steal my heart with your brilliant choice of colours 😊

  2. Lovely canvas!! such pretty colors!

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