Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sparkly affair: Part 2 - Dress My Craft's Sparkling dust and Frosted Sugar Powder

Hello Everyone,

Manu here and I have a altered photoframe and a few mixed media tags to share with you all. It's the month end already and I'm sure that you might have found out some unique way to use the Dress My Craft powders. There are 3 different kinds of powders, which you all must be aware of by now.
1. Sparkling dust, this is a very shimmery powder with lots of sparkle and is apt if you want your creations to have that sparkly effect.
2. Frosted sugar powder, these are grainy kind powder which can be mixed with various mediums to give textures
3. Crystal Ice cubes, these cubes are about 1 to 2 mm in size and is very nice for adding bold textures to your creations.

Before I go over to my creations, Here's a big news, Dress My Craft website is now up and working and you can access it right here DMC also introduced their new collection bubblgum and fashion accessories in the #craftyfeast and I'm sure you would love it all!! To know all about the #craftyfeast and newly launched products, check out the Crafter's Corner Facebook page!!! #Craftyfeast was a big big hit and I'm sure there will be awesome new workshops announced soon!

Over to my creations!! Here's what I made with the powders.!
If you know me, you much be aware that I'm not much into mixed media and more of a colourful and flowery person but this is one area which I really want to work on and excel, this is my one very small attempt to work towards this dream of mine!! The best part about MM what I find is, there is no limit, no right or wrong and no end, you just need to figure out where to end!!

Lets get started!

Here are the Mixed media tags!! All pink, they make for an awesome gift to be given out to friends and family!

I have a photo tutorial for the mixed media tags, here's how I made them!
(Pl note that the in-the-making-process of these tags were captured inside and hence the color variation)

1. Take a chipboard and cut 2 pieces of 7.5*4.5 in . Take two pattern papers in lighter tones and adhere them onto the cutout pieces of cardstock.

2. Have them covered with an acrylic paint. I choose a little shimmery pink one. lightly color the pattern paper in your choice of colors, no need to keep the blending consistent, more disproportionate the blending is, more effect it will have.

3. Choose your choice of stencil and do the stenciling as per the area you would want to cover. I choose to do more stenciling on the borders and the sides, since those areas would be the one's which would be visible after the final composition of the tags would be made.

4. Gather your supplies for the flower composition in the tags and keep the flowers as the focal point. Here's all what went into my tags.
The flowers are handmade from the DMC Oriental paper, and sprinkled with sparkling dust to give them a nice shimmery effect. A few chipboard on which I have applied gesso, an clay embellishment, and lots and lots of frosted sugar powder and the crystal ice cubes and a few stamped flowers from one of the Mudra stamps.

5. Arrange your composition as per the choice, I have a little picture to show you how I did it. This was clicked once I was done with my first tag and was doing the second one that I clicked the pic in the middle.

6. Once your arrangement is done and you are done gluing the main elements in the tag, take the pink acrylic color and dab a little beneath the flowers to add depth to the elements. Also apply a little Prima Soft gel at a few places and sprinkle sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes at random places. You can speed up the process of drying using the heat gun. Soft gel is an excellent adhering medium which dries clear, hence the cubes are quite visible once the composition dries up.
Finish off your tags with a sentiment and adding a few droplets of gesso and the pink color onto the tags using the toothbruch technique.

Here are a few shots of these tags!

Here's an altered photoframe with lots of texture created with the sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes.
I kept a beach theme for this photoframe and added a lot of textures and embellishments keeping in mind the theme of the photoframe.

I'm also attaching a picture of the frame when I started working on it.

And also a picture once I was done with the first layer of adding the sparkling dust and the crystal ice cubes.

(Pl excuse the messy background as the inside portion of the photoframe was detached to make it easier to work with the frame.

Here are some pics of the photoframe and I have too many of them, so sit back and enjoy!!

I also filled up a little glass bottle with the powders and a little scroll to add a little interest in the frame!!
To add more interest and depth to the frame, I added the Art Alchemy waxes in the brass tones all over my embellishments as well as around the edges of the photoframe! 

I hope you liked the creations and are tempted enough to work with these gorgeous powders! Do try these powders and come up with an interesting creation!!

Products used:

Sparkling dust
Frosted sugar powder
Crystal Ice Cube

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Amazing!!! You are awesome ��

    1. Thank you!!! Glad that you liked them!

  2. Beautiful tags n frame manu di :-)

    1. Thank you!! <3 glad that you liked them!

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