Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dress My Craft: Fashion + Bubblegum Accessories

Hello Everyone!

Manu here and I will be focusing on some projects with the newly launched DMC Fashion and Bubblegum accessories! These Accessories are super cute and they can be used in a wide variety of ways!!! Imagination is the only limit when it comes to these lovely product launch. You can checkout the complete launch at the website or even at the crafters corner wesbite. Here for the Fashion Accessories and Here for the Bubblegum Accessories .

The Bubblegum accessories are more towards the fun elements, these are acrylic and yes, of the very best quality with no sharp edges and I totally admire the quality of these bubblegum accessories. The Fashion accessories more inclined towards the dainty flowers and lovely blooms and these metallic accessories makes for some very nice DIY.

I have a couple of projects to share today!!

Lets start with the Bubblegum ones.

Project 1: KeyChains

The Bubblegum accessories makes for some very nice, cool and funky keychains.

These are super quick to make, all you need is some jump rings and the chains, the bubblegum accessories and a key ring. All it takes is 5 mins to assemble these keychains and I find these as a very nice and colorful gifts to be given.

Here's another one I did!!

Well, these keychains can also be used as bag accessories and they sure do glam up your everyday things!! Flaunt them!! 

Use them for just about anything to add a little interest and funk up the things!!!

Project 2: Mobile Covers!!

I have used the Fashion accessories to jazz up my plain looking mobile cover !! Quite easy peasy DIY and it sure puts up that sparkle to your mobile cover!!

I'm a big fan of minimalistic things and believe that it's the minimal which always stand out!! 

Project 3: Bracelets and anklets

The fashion accessories is a must have for fashion trendy people who love to flaunt bracelets!! I have made a dainty bracelet and a anklet. The first one with the ballerina girl is a bracelet. 
The second one with the round white pearls is a anklet. 

These fashion accessories are soo much fun!! Totally love them all!

Project 4: Album Embellishments.

You all might be knowing that I love making baby albums and I find the bubblegum accessories perfect to add that little sparkle in my baby albums. I have used these as embellishments for my baby albums. Here are a few glimpses! A couple of these albums are yet to be posted up on my facebook page, so these are kind of an additional bonus for you all, I do hope you will eagerly wait for the complete view.

I hope you liked the creations and I would love to see what you make with these lovely new launches!! There is something for everybody in this huge huge launch and do grab the one's that catches your fancy!!!

Products Used:
Golden Heavy Metal Rings
Star Charm Matte Golden
Ballerina Girls
Golden chain
Jump Rings
Mini Flower
Bubblegum pearl two tone
Pastel Pearl charm 2
Bubblegum smileys 2
Bubblegum smileys 1
Daisy Flowers 2

Happy Crafting!


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    1. Thank you dear!! Glad that you liked them!

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