Monday, 21 August 2017

Pocket Accordion Mini album with Hydrangea Lawns Paper pack

Hello Everyone!

Manu here I have a new project to share with you which is made with the Hydrangea Lawns paper pack. This is the first pack released by Dress My Craft and is a wonderful paper pack in hues of blue featuring the gorgeous Hydrangea's. The cool tones and hues makes it an ideal paper pack to work with this paper pack.
I totally loved the colors and the paper designs and the gorgeous cluster of these super pretty flowers which can add wonders to your projects. I have designed a Pocket Accordion Mini album which is 6*8 inches and has 6 pull out tags and truly loved the way this pocket album shaped out to be. It's a wonderful gift that can be given out. Ideal for putting up pictures and writing down messages!

Lets check the Mini out, it's a picture heavy post I loved clicking the pics of this pretty!
I also have a step by step written instruction tutorial for the same

The blue sure looks very striking with all the tones of flowers. The paper packs has lots of totally hydrangea theme papers, which can be used as embellishments too. Fussy cut some of them and you have your own cute embellishments ready!

To make this mini, lets start with how I did the inside flip pockets first.
1. Take a cardstock measuring 5.5 * 11 inches and score it at 5.5 and 11 inches leaving a .5 inch at the end where it will be stick back to the front to make a pocket. Make 6 such pockets flips.
2.  Now your flip pocket will be opened from 2 ends like a tunnel. To join the pockets, take the first pocket and put tacky tape in the center of the pocket starting from the open end to the other open end. Do this for the rest of the pockets. 
3. Attach the pockets together keeping in mind  that the tunnel ends should be joined together. These will then serve as pockets for the tags to go in. Take a cardstock measuring 4*5.5 inches and score it at 1", 2.25" and score. This 1.25" gap is what would hold one end of the tunnel pockets to the spine of the album.
4. Make tags measuring 5.25 * 7.5 and die cut at one end using the spellbinders die to add interest.

To make the cover, checkout this image to get an idea about the measurements I used to make the cover.

1. As my pocket measure 5.5 inches and the length of the tags is 7.5, My cover will measure 8 *6 inches.
2. I also decided to add a little interest to my mini album and make a closure cover. So as per the 6.5 *6 inches cover flap in the picture, that becomes my FRONT flap and the end flap of  1.5 * 6 will be my other portion of the front flap.
3. This all arrangement of my cover will result into the cover of the album that I made.
4. Bind the chipboards and make the cover of the album.

Now the pockets and the cover are ready. Adhere the pockets to the spine and  embellish the cover of the album. Add a little dangling embellishments to add charm to your album!

I have added a few dangling accessories as these add a lot of interest in an album and have used the Newly release Dress My Craft Fashion accessories and the Bubblegum accessories.

This is how the album opens up. The flip out tags are inside the pockets and hence the name Pocket Accordion Mini album. I have die cut the sides of the tags with the spellbinders die for added interest!

With 6 tags inside, there is ample of scope to put up pictures and write down messages.

I hope you liked this mini album and are inspired to try one out yourself! Do check out the new paper pack and this is one of the must have paper packs.

Supplied used:

Hydrangea Lawn Paperpad
Studded Big Heart

Pastel PEarl Charm
Medium Faux Leather Tassel - Pink Family
Mulberry Flowers

Happy Crafting!


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    1. Thank you so much Pooja!! Glad that you liked the album!

  2. Wow! I'm going to prepare similar one for our photos from vacation, so thank you for your tips. Your album is stunning!

    1. Ohh wow!!! I'm sure it would turn out to be a gorgeous ones!! Do share it when you are done!! Looking forward :)

  3. Hii.. Its awesome.. Wana try it bt cudnt understand the flip pocket part.. How to attach dem to chipboard?

  4. Hii.. Its awesome.. Wana try it bt cudnt understand the flip pocket part.. How to attach dem to chipboard?