Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Victorian Dress form + Tutorial Plus and an Explosion box using the Hydrangea paper pack

Hello Everyone!!

I'm sure you must have enjoyed the pretty inspirations posted by the DT members whole through the month of August and with a new month we are back with fresh inspirations for all of you using the new launch by Dress My Craft.
There has been two launches for this month and these are.
1. Bell accessories to the Bubblegum range of accessories 
2. Hydrangea paper pack in a 6*6 size for all the people who loves to make cards!!! 

I have two projects to share today(Well, I  have a additional bonus one to share at the bottom, but lets scroll through the complete post first , one is a Victorian dress form and second one is an explosion box!
I have a mini-tutorial for the Victorian dress, it didn't came out the way I wanted it to be, but then I really didn't wanted to miss sharing the same with you!

Here's the explosion box first (this is a picture heavy post, so sit back an relax, and of course, continue to watch!

Did you check out the newly launched bell embellishments from the bubblegum accessories?? The blue horse on the cover?? the best part, the bell sound is a melo one!!

I went a little over-board and clicked up a lot many pictures!
So here are a few more, I'm always biased when it comes to Explosion boxes and always think about about the surprise reaction of the recipient when they would get the same! Having made about a dozens now, but I can still feel that excitement to make one more !

I hope you did like the box!! I kept it pretty simple and used a lot of circle diecuts to enhance the look.

Moving over to the dress, here's it!

I got inspired by a famous Tara Brown and she makes amazing 3D creations!!!
Here's a mini tutorial on how to make this one.

1. Take a circle and cut from one side to the center and then make a cone out of it. The width of the cone depends on the shape of the dress you are making, but keep it nice and wide.

2. For the front portion of the dress, cut two identical circles, mine are about 7 inches in diameter and then create ruffles with it. Dab the circles with a little water and let the paper soak in a little water, this makes it easy to make the ruffles. Check the pick below to see the ruffled circles.
Now attach these using the tacky tape to the cone we did earlier. Attach a cylindrical cardstock which will act as a bodice and then embellish using the ribbons and the lace.

Here's the Victorian dress.

And now for the bonus project, as you all know that I love making baby albums and love love love to embellish them with the super gorgeous Dress My Craft Bubblegum and the Fashion accessories, here's my latest baby album where I have used the newly launched Bell Bubblegum accessories.
It's a Donald duck shaped bell.

Hope you liked this post and keep watching this space to checkout more gorgeousness coming in from my fellow DT members!

Products Used:
Hydrangea Lawns - 12"X12" Paper Pad
Pastel Pearl Charm 2 
Baby Horse Bell - Blue
Donald Bell
Mulberry Flowers

Happy Crafting!