Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mother's Day Apron + Tutorial

Hi lovely people !

Have you ever wondered that creating something with a fabric that is wearable / usable could take not more than 15 minutes ? ! No, even I couldn't believe it until I actually tried my hands on Image transfer sheets launched by Dress My Craft !!! They are so versatile, come in such beautiful vintage designs and transferring them to a fabric can be done at the snap of finger ! That is absolutely true and the results are outstanding. Of course creativity has no bounds so you can always go ahead and embellish your creation with a lot of other stuff.

Today I am sharing my results with Image transfer on a plain white cotton Apron that I have done for Mother's Day, it has turned out to be such a beautiful piece and an apt gift. Along with a few pictures here I also have a video tutorial , the technique is super easy but watching it will definitely be fun and melt away any fears that you may have.

I started with an apron that was wrinkle-free, so basically you iron your piece of fabric ensuring that once you start with the image transfer process, there are no creases that may hinder sticking.

The vintage print worked so well for my Apron. I am in love with the sequins (and I am saying it for the 100th time on the blog ! ) But look at that... sewing MOM took me forever but isn't it so worthwhile.

Well, the heart inside 'O' was actually my husband's idea, and it became the focal point. I am so thankful to Dress My Craft for bringing some more sunshine with glitters and sequins in our lives ;-)

Look I am already shining in the apron, in case you are wondering, its a gift from my son to myself ! Lol..can't part away with such a pretty Apron now, can I ? ! :P

I would be linking the video at the end of the post, meanwhile check out a few pictures from a baby book featuring the sequins once again (Told ya, I love it !)

The sequins, cane basket and the miniature baby figurine are from Dress My craft.

Some more sequins on a transparency, they look beautiful on transparencies, you should definitely give this a try !

That's from my side ! Below is going to be the supplies list and video tutorial on image transfer.

Supplies Used: