Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Gleam & Shimmer with DMC Sparkling Dust

Hey my dear crafty friends...

I hope you all enjoyed the first month of Dress My Craft Blog...So many creative projects were unveiled to inspire you all how to use utterly beautiful sequins in your projects...

Now sequin family is not just confined as shaker elements but much more...
Like you can use it in mixed media, miniatures, Cards, embellishments and what not!

So this month DMC designers are on to the Sparkling dust, Sugar Powder and Crystal Ice cubes..
My post is divided in two parts and today I am gonna show you how I have used Sparkling Dust in my projects...

Sparkling dust powder adds an ultimate effects to all your's flawless white shimmer color and smooth texture gives a fresh snow effect. Looks amazing if you combine the same with DMC Frosted Sugar powder.
It can be adhered with Glossy accent or Multi matte gel!

Its amazing if you use it with Flowers, sospeso flowers. jewellery making, mixed media backgrounds..It's great for all kind of Cards as well. It comes in two sizes..30gm and 90 gm in beautiful reusable jars.

Now let's see what I have created,

I have made three cards using Sparkling dust. In the first project, I have made a Flower bouquet giving it a appearance of Hot Air Balloon. I have cut down the pattern paper in form of a pot and arranged the flowers in a balloon shape over the pot..I have preferred using mix sizes of flowers as it with balance the whole project...And after this I have applied thin layer of glossy accent randomly over the flowers and sprinkle the dust on to it.
Just make sure you use transparent glue to stick the sparkling dust/Sugar powder. My favourite is Glossy Accent so I will be using the same in my next two projects as well..

Now in the second Card, I have made glittered frame and Card Border using Sparkling dust.
For making the glittered border, I have applied red tacky tape on the four edges of the Card base. then remove the tape and trickle the dust on would love to see the effect and with this idea you can create beautiful plaid backgrounds. And I applied flossy accent on the oval frame and sprinkle the sparkling dust which in the end gives you a very nice glitzy gaze.

In this card I didn't apply dust on flowers as we are already getting shimmery effect in the background and frame.

Here presenting you the third Card, which is quite simple yet very elegant. I have dressed up the lady in Sparkly roses. I loved the way how this card turned out.
And have you noticed the butterflies...yes! I have embellished them with dust powder overall the card is quite alluring.

So this is all I have in the first part of my June post...I will be soon coming up with second part in which I will use Frosted Sugar powder and Crystal Ice cube..Till then stay tuned and please share your reviews and feedback.

I would love to hear from you!!
Happy Crafting!



  1. Each project looks super gorgeous Sampada...your style is awesome!!
    Dr Sonia

  2. Such pretty ones!! Lovely Xoxo

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