Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mixed Media Art Recipes with DMC's Powders

Hello crafty peeps, how have you been?
Its mid of the month, and I am pretty sure you all are having a blast going through the inspiring posts on Frosted sugar powder, Crystal ice cubes, Sparkling dust from my fellow DT members. I am sharing my bit of inspiration today using these absolute favourites from the DMC product line.

Product brief -
Frosted sugar powder: These are grainy transparent powder which can be mixed with different other mediums and paints to create a more-natural subtle textures to our art background or grungy top-coats., or may be simply used to create a faux frosty look in our projects.
Crystal ice cubes: These are transparent mini-bead like grains of approx. size 2-3mm and perfect for adding strong textures. They can be mixed with different other mediums, paints, sprays .
Sparkling dust: They are the perfect touch of subtle shimmer that can transform any project into a glam doll within fraction of a second, be it on flowers, abstract textures, fancy arts, decors. They can be mixed with permanent colours in different shades to suit our crafting need.

I love creating natural textures in my art projects and couldn't resist using a combination of all these 3 ingredients in my creation.

I have created two Mixed media banners using Primarketing's (Donna Downey) large canvas banner as a base. I will share 5 ART RECIPES for using these 3 different mediums for adding textures and interests in your dimensional arts.

Mix all the above ingredients together to add beaded texture in specific areas of your mixed media project

ART RECIPE 2. (a)Glossy Accent + Frosted sugar powder
                             (b)Glossy Accent + Sparkling dust
Use technique (a) or (b) or both to add sparkle and glamour to your embellishments. I have used this technique on the flowers, chipboard frame and a dangling foam ball.

ART RECIPE 3. Patina Rust Effect (Surface : Metals & Chipboards)
Frosted Sugar Powder + Prima Chakboard Paint(Sea Breeze)+ Dylusions paint(Vibrant Torquoise) + alcohol Inks in latte, Expresso, Patina + Sparkling dust
At first, cover your metal/chipboard surface with undiluted chalkboard paint, adding frosted Sugar Powder randomly. Once semi-dry, add the dylusions paint with a dry brush, alcohol Inks in latte, Expresso, Patina with the tip nozzle and Sparkling dust with a dry palette knife to create a shaded effect.

ART RECIPE 4. Crystal Ice Cubes + Frosted Sugar Powder + Sparkling dust + Finnabair Rust Paste (Gold Rust) - Mixed

ART RECIPE 5.Texture transformation
Frosted Sugar Powder + Crystal Ice Cubes + Clear Crackle + Modelling paste

Sprays + Alcohol inks + Artisan Powder Coffee

I used all these 5 Art recipes and created these two banners:

Products used:

Sparkling dust
Frosted sugar powder
Crystal Ice Cube

If you take a closer look you may find a bunch of interesting findings on these banners - mixed with some textures and embellishments. I hope you will enjoy it - as much as I did creating it and maybe you will try some of the ideas shown in your own projects? I hope I was able to convince you that you can create absolutely anything using these texture ingredients - as long as you are able to stick it and paint it the sky is the limit!
Keep creating - no mater what happens, remember to "make good art" (as Neil Gaiman said).
(This also applies to me, of course!)

Sealing this post with warm hugs


  1. Gorgeous work :) thanks for sharing the art recipes

  2. Gorgeous banners!! Lovely art recipes!!!

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