Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Miniature provence garden


kavitha here today with a new miniature project.With wide range of miniature accessories available at Dress my craft you cannot simply resist making cute stuffs.I decided to make a provence style garden mainly featuring the beautiful wooden door and variety of baskets available.This a picture heavy post,so sit back and enjoy the details as i explain them :)
I created the background wall using brick stencils and stones effect paste and painted it using  acrylic paints.
The door is first given two coat of heavy white gesso and then painted with acrylic paint.I used sandpaper on few places once it dried completely to give slightly distressed look
For the green and sand effect on the base first i painted it with acrylic paints and then added a layer of military rust paste and sprinkled generous amount of "moss green" powder.
For the path way i used few scrap pieces of foam board and art stones in different sizes.
Now comes the fun part of decorating the garden,i used  several mini baskets available at dress my craft.They come in variety of shapes ,size and finish and its so versatile to use in any kind of project.
I used lots of pollens ,fillers and berries to decorate the basket,now how cute they look?
To create some greenery on wall i used green moss,pollen sticks etc and did you notice the super cute and tiny cockatoo bird on the wall?oh my they are so tiny yet look so real
Yes you can sit on the miniature garden bench and enjoy the beautiful evening;)
Ofcourse you need a watering can for your beautiful garden to be alive,right?
The miniature "jug & glasses" can also be used as flower vase ,hehe

Another Cockatoo bird sitting on the the basket,they come in pair.

Did you notice the rectangle planters on either side of the door?its actually the drawers from one of the cabinet that i dint use on my previous project;)
Ah that super long post,thanks if you are still hanging with me:).Hope you like the project and i would love to hear your feedback:)
Happy crafting,

Products used :
Miniature anywhere wooden door
Metal chair
Rusty watering can
Miniature table and bench set
Cockatoo bird
Miniature vegetable cane flat basket
Miniature vegetable cane  basket #1
Miniature wicker flower basket
Miniature jugs & glasses
Miniature set of baskets - green
Dry green moss powder
Single pollen fillers - pink
Micro rose bud - Lilac
Miniature wicker basket square


  1. ❤️ love miniatures!

  2. awesome ..but what you use for background wall & base ? & how u stick them ?

    1. thank you,i used foam board and gel medium to stick it.