Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Whimsical sequins !

Hello Everyone

I hope you are having a craftily good time !

After having tons of inspirational posts from the DMC DT's on how versatile the use of sequins can be, I would like to take this chance and show you some more creative uses of our lovely sequins.

These sequins are nothing like you have ever seen before, I love love love them for their translucent yet sparkly finish , the beautiful mix of different shapes, the pastel shades, that whimsical feel which makes me use them in everything I create. These come in super cute packaging too, the jars are designed so you don't have to worry about their storage with the added benefit that you can never  even throw away the empty jars ! The sequins mix are very appropriately and intelligently thought about and blended which makes your creations stand out.

I have a few projects that would make you buy them right now and get started :P Here is a glimpse after which follows details on each of these.


Parties with craft decorations are trending nowadays and I too am addicted to creating party décor, with that in mind I came up with this bunting that I created with some pics of my little one. The bunting was made with photo sleeves using the fuse tool  , I added the photographs on some pattern paper , poured in some gorgeousness with the DMC sequins in Golden black and Pink pastel colors. To Complete I added some flowers and ephemera.

This also makes a great decoration for your kid's nursery.

Mobile cover

The moment I saw Pink soda sequins I just thought of unicorns !!! And I had to do this mobile cover with unicorns and the sequins that I fondly call 'the unicorn mix'. Personalizing a mobile cover could be so glamorous and easy with the DMC sequins. I got the images printed and fussy cut , stuck them with mod podge onto the photo sleeves and fused with the fuse tool keeping one end open. After dripping some 'unicorn mix' I closed the open end with fuse tool and just stuck my piece on the back side of cover with E6000.


Lastly, I have a cute and easy DIY to share. I took some small pots and painted them with chalk paints. Once they dried I applied mod podge on the lower area that I wanted to cover with the sequins. Generously sprinkle sequins to get these pots that can be used for décor or as center pieces for your parties ! I did them in three colors Play with green, Pink pastel and copper sequins.

I hope you liked my creations and would love to see you play with these gorgeous sequins. If you have any queries please drop them in the comments section below and do leave some love.

Quick links to Products used

Pink pastel sequins
Golden black sequins
Play with green
Pink Soda sequins
Copper mix sequins



  1. Beautiful ideas, love the bunting!

  2. Super awesome creations!! I loved those teeny tiny little flower pots!

  3. Supeb awesome creative creations loved them all

  4. Love all the ideas, the banner is my fav xx

  5. Amazing..😍😍 i loved every creation..just gorgeous..❤️❤️

  6. gorgeous projects,love the banner a lot

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