Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wonders with Dress My Craft sequins

Hi everyone,
I hope you all are doing good.

Meher Shaikh here to share some fun projects using Dress My Craft sequins and sparkling dust. This is my very first design team post and I am quite excited. This month we are focusing on beautiful DMC sequins that come in different shapes and well matched colors in beautiful reusable jars.
I have created some resin coasters and embellishments using these gorgeous sequins and sparkling dust. These embellishments can be simply used to hang to your key chain or you can customize it for your bag or you can use it any of your craft projects.

To make these embellishments, you need Dress My Craft sequins, Resin and any lid or molds.

Resin Coaster: I have made this coaster using Red heart sequins and sparkling dust from Dress My Craft. These are beautiful sequins that come in different shapes and well matched colors. I have added some golden beads to give some additional effect.

To make this embellishment, I have used GOLDEN BLACK SEQUINS and a sentiment tile. 

Bulb embellishment: To make this I have used RED HEART SEQUINS and a sentiment tile. 

I have used PRINCESS MIX SEQUINS to make this embellishment.

The major difference I want to show you all in Resin coaster and these embellishments is the effect it gives once dried. Both are giving different effect and it is just because of SPARKLING DUST.  If you mix sparkling dust in your resin, it gives you a marble effect. The resin embellishments contain only sequins and hence they are clear.
To make you guys understand better I have two video tutorials up on our YouTube channel.

Hope you like the idea of using resin
to make different projects with Dress My Craft sequins.

Thank you

Meher Shaikh