Monday, 27 November 2017


Hello folks !!!!

This is Anita here and I am all charged up to glam your style box. Did you ever think seeing a particular outfit, how fantastic it would be to have the right kind of accessory to go with it!!! But alas, going for shopping is just not possible!!! So do I wear my old boring neckpiece with it !!!! How Boring !!!!!

Nah !!!!  I would not do that . Being a fashion diva is just cakewalk for me !!!! and yes !!! I plan to have the right J for my outfit just in no time !!!! But how is that possible!!!! I want something vintage, blue and some shiny stuff!!!!

So no fretting !!! With Dress My Craft Fashion accessories, I can make my own jewellery and add all the elements that I need to suit my style !!!!
See the best of the fashion accessories here at the Store .

So first I have a super stylish neck piece that looks chic and bohemian and  I am sure it will make any one stand out in the crowd.

It is super easy to make these DIY costume piece in no time as DMC has all the things that will help you make them in various combinations.
I have used simple waxed cord that has been entwined around a gold ring and then many elements are brought in using chains and jump rings. Adding a cabochon can add so much a
extra factor to this piece. And those Tassels !!! They steal the show !!!! See a wide variety of tassels available here. These are  faux leather tassels and come in three sizes -big, medium and small.
The big pearl comes with a metal ring that can attached separately and gives any ordinary accessory a wow look !!!!

This is a purse dangler that has this super awesome soft pom pom in a key ring. Hang it all alone or glam it up with golden pearls, sea shells and charms. People will surely turn their heads to see you walk in style with this purse. 
Pom Pom light brown
Natural Sea Shells
Golden Round hangings
Big Pearl 2
Heavy Metal ring
Large Faux leather tassel
Jump ring golden
Jump ring silver
Golden antique chain
Leaves bag
Oval glass cabochon-Eiffel tower
Antique silver oval pendant
Pearls with hooks

So get on with making these super cool DIY accessories for yourself. Did I tell you, these are super pocket friendly, excellent in quality and come in many colours and range.. So choose your budget and make something that will satisfy the Diva in you. Be your own style Diva with DMC.

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