Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July Focus: Dress My Craft Floral papers

Hello Everyone!
Manu here and we are focusing on the Dress My Craft Floral papers this month along with the groove tool. DMC has release floral papers in two different forms.

1. Floral Oriental paper: This cardstock is 250 GSM  and is an absolute delight to make flowers. All the flowers that I have made till now is using this paper collection. This paper has low water absorption capacity and becomes very stiff once the flower is dried. Best paper to make closed blooms.
2. Floral Exotica paper: This cardstock is again 250 gsm paper and is used to make flowers again. Since this paper absorbs more water, it's best suited to make open bloom flowers.

Apart from making blooms, these papers makes a delight to work with Distress inks. Yes, you heard it right, distress inks works like butter on these papers. No blotches of ink, no, nothing like that, just plain simple blend. I'm actually in love with the distressing with these papers and I dont think I would switch onto some other paper for doing distressing! So that's what I have done for this post. All my creations are heavily distressed. Checkout for yourself!!

Project 1.

I did an interactive card with distressing as the main medium of colouring and jazzing my card. By now you would have guesses that I simply love colorful and all things bright!

Here's how the card opens up!! This is a very simple pop-up card, but looks so pretty!

Did you noticed the unicorns all glitters and glammed up with the Dress My Craft sparkling dust?? NO.. go have a look at the card once again !!! Sparkling dust is a boon and just add that extra charm to your creations!! Must must have!

Project 2:

I have another totally distressed cards for you!

The background here is completely distressed with Mustard Seed and Peacock feather distress inks.
Noticed the smooth blend?? These papers are an absolute delight to work with if you have distressing as your focal point!!!

These cards are made with the Pixels stamp from Mudra and yes, Crafterscorner now stocks these Made in India stamps and this one especially is a must have if you love making Pixel art!!!

Project 3:

Another distressed project again, this time I made some tags!!

Yet again, distressing works super finely on these papers!!

Project 4: 

Here's the last project, this one is not about distress inks, but is about sprays!! I have used Lindy's starburst spray colors to make this mixed media tag!

To make the tag, cut out 2 pieces of 8*4 cardstock and then paste them together to make them a little more sturdier. Stencil out your preferred design using the modelling paste and then use lindy's spray to get the desired color.  I also added Frosted powder and crystal cubes to this tag and finish off your tag with your choice of a sentiment.

I hope you are inspired to use these papers in various different ways and do share your take on these on the Crafter's corner facebook page!!

Products used
Floral Oriental
Floral Exotica Collecction
Copper mix sequins

Till then
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Wonderful creations. I have question. Does the color of the ink will be lighter after drying like when we use iris paper

    1. Thank you Asmita!! Ink as in the sprays or the distress inks?

  2. So many projecy and yet all of them so fantastic! I also like colouring with dostresses, they are perfect for different types of paper.

    1. Thank you Aneta! I love distressing too!! It sure makes a project class apart

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